• World's First

    FREE School Bus Tracking

    Mobile Phone App Solution for Schools

    - FREEDOM from all those heavy & expensive in-bus installable devices of the yesteryears!

    • NO RFID Reader
    • NO RFID Writer
    • NO GPS Module
    • NO GSM Module
    • NO GPRS Module

    - Just download our free MIT App Inventor (AIA) source codes to build a custom version for your school!

  • Why Ez School Bus Locator?

    Here are the cool features that make Ez School Bus Locator

    the world's best (free) school bus tracking app!

    Most Innovative

    World's first not just in innovation,

    but in continuous innovation 

    Most Simple

    Works just with a (cheap) smartphone in a bus! NO other hardware required

    Most Easy

    Download the app & get started with your existing phones right away!

    Most Friendly

    Uses only child-friendly technologies including NFC and BLE

    (NO Active RFID)

    Most Accurate

    Uses both GPS and network in an intelligent way!

    Most Secure

    Allows only the registered school buses and parents to install and use the app

    Most Reputed

    Winner of numerous global awards and recognitions

    Most Economical

    Helps build your own school bus tracking solution from the free source code

  • Features

    Ez School Bus Locator presently offers these cool features.

    Track Bus & Child


    Bus & Child

    • Locate and track the school bus (real time) to plan time to drop off or pick up the child 
    • Parents using normal phones (without the app or Internet facility) can just make a 'missed call' to track the bus and the children inside!
    Receive Alerts

    Receive Notifications

    • Receive instant boarding notification (pick-up point)
    • Receive instant de-boarding notification (drop point)
    Check Attendance



    • Check to confirm if the child is present in the school bus
    Find Distance & Time


    Distance & Time

    • Check the distance of the school bus from the boarding point
    • Check the time the bus would take to reach the boarding point
  • Experience Parent App

    Experience Parent App

    If you are a parent, or wish to experience the Ez School Bus Locator Parent app, please download the trial version to see how it could transform your wait times.

  • Experience Attender App

    Experience Attender App

    If you are a school, or wish to experience the Ez School Bus Locator Attender app, please download the trial version to see how it could transform your school-bus-fleet-management.

  • Free Source Codes

    If you wish to build a school bus tracking app solution for your school on your own,

    download the free source codes here:

    Parent App Source Code

    Parent App

    Click here to download the source code of

    Ez School Bus Locator Parent app

    Attender App Source Code

    Attender App

    Click ​here to download the source code of

    Ez School Bus Locator Attender app

  • Locatera


    Check out LOCATERA - the professional version of Ez School Bus Locator - a complete mobile phone-based school bus and student tracking solution!

  • Awards

    Here are a few awards & recognitions

    Ez School Bus Locator / LOCATERA school bus tracking app solution has received so far.

    V A Shiva Innovation Corps

    Recipient of the V.A. SHIVA Innovation Corps 'Young Innovators Award for 2016-17'

    from Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, Ph.D., the Inventor of Email


    Recognized by Ashoka as a ‘Youth Venturer 2016’

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)'s 'App of the Month (Best Design 2015 October)' award


    Google Code to Learn Contest 2015 Winner

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

    First prize in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)’s ‘App Inventor App Contest’ 2012


    Finalist in the mBillionth Award South Asia 2013 conducted by Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF)

    Global Discovery Academy

    Finalist in the ‘Global Discovery Academy Design App Contest 2013

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    The Company

    With a mission to transform school-transport-management across the world by democratizing the traditional processes and technologies for ensuring utmost security for students (we call it uberization of school-fleet-management), Ez School Bus Locator is brought to you by LateraLogics Innovations – a technology startup with a vision to leverage our passion, creativity, and knowledge to create technology solutions that can transform lives.

    The Team

    We’re a growing team of passionate individuals on a mission to change the way people live, learn, work and play by offering them innovative technology solutions that are most effective. Our focus is on bringing out desktop and mobile applications that serve as solutions for our everyday problems.

    We offer a host of services that include:

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    using our free source code,

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